Known to the world as a organization of European noble women who gather for social functions and to discuss the ancient techniques and art of fine weaving and stitch work (members of the Sisterhood are known for producing and exporting large quantities of exquisite white silk), the Sisterhood of the Illimitable Filament is, in fact, the worlds most powerful secret society — an all-female Lolthian cult who’s machinations reach all across Europe and into the Mirror.

The Sisterhood are the weavers of a vast conspiracy. Their members include the wives, mistresses, mothers and daughters of most of the noble families in Europe and, through them, they wield influence in nearly every corner of the civilized world.

They are  particularly influential with parts or the whole of the Prussian Military and the Eight Decile of the Dark Mechanus (Modron Collective) and seem to have a strong power base in Russia. They are opposed by the enigmatic "Lord of the White Tower".

Though the key to their success has always been secrecy they have recently grown more bold, suggesting that their conspiracy, centuries in the making, may be reaching a culmination.

Notably the Sisterhood's  delegations are seeking allies in the Mirror even while they attempt to expand their power base beyond "The Continent" to England (a recent plot to induct young Queen Victoria into their order was discovered and thwarted by "young M. Holmes").

Also, having first enfeebled the "Spirit of Russia" to rob the Unseelie of the power of Russian dreams, the Sisterhood then organized full scale sieges of the temples of The Masked Lord Vhaeraun (the Chamber Militant of the Gloaming Court) — all to weaken the Queen of Air and Darkness so that she will submit to join the Sisterhood. 

How close the Sisterhood's is to reaching their final goals and what other threads of their conspiracy exist, remain to be seem.


CONCORDANT MIRROR ChristopherElliott