S1E15: Veil of evil

In which the characters encounter an unexpected fog, an expected enemy and a lost teammate.

Pushing their horses through the night Edmond, Ylmatera, Malagar, Olivander, Alphonse and Phillipe charge into an uncertain fate.

And they ride.

Long into the night, long after the place where the forces of the Archduke should have met them on the road, long after the rise of the sun. Just as their horses tire the players reach a steep rise in the road by a steep hillside that dips into a steep valley, a valley covered in an unnatural mist.

Looking down into the valley the party sees the Archdukes camp surrounded by a circle of swirling mist — a mist apparently held back by a near exhausted court wizard. The camp is still, stiller than it should be and the tents of the archduke and those of his five attending houses are flanked by a long row of hastily erected tents – each flying the yellow and black flag of plague . The entire camp has the aura of death about it and only the forces of the house of Jaeger seem unaffected by the calamity. 

With dozens of The Baron Jaegers men roughly equaling the remaining forces, who are presumably loyal to the Archdukes the party decides on a riisky gambit – sending their two stealthiest, the Gnome Alphonse and the Monk Olivander, to talk to the Duke and reveal the true nature of the Baroness Mina Jaeger.

As the two descend to sneak into the camp, the rest of the party is drawn by a large flock of abnormally large ravens to a rise in the hills beside the path. The rise is revealed to be the very top of a long buried and  truly ancient pyramid. As the players approach the top opens and Raven emerges from a cloud of antediluvian dust.

But the party had no time for explanations Olivander and Alphonse had made it through the mists and the light guards who were in it and were working their way to the Archduke’s tent when Mina Jaeger herself emerged and asked Alphonse to join her in her tent for a conversation.

At the same time Olivander is stopped by the Captain of the Austrian royal guard and brought before the Archduke who is in deep grief over his wife who is in her bed with the plague that has struck his entourage – his wife who is attended by one of the Baroness Jaeger’s personal handmaidens.

Back on the hill the rest of the party solidify their plan and descend into the mists. As they approach the duke’s camp their carefully laid plan is immediately altered when Raven recognizes in the mist the form of the man who betrayed his company and left him for dead – the Baron Jaeger himself. He moved to confront him with Malagar in support.

In the distance the plague tents catch on fire, the work of Philipe who went to see to the Christian souls who were suffering there.

The stage was set for mayhem, for violence for revenge and, most certainly for a final conflict with the House of Jaeger.



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