S1E9: Pearls of terror

Where the party traverses a swamp, a forest and a hedge.

Extricating themselves from the ruined Goblin skiff, the party scavenges what they can, eventually forming a small, makeshift raft. Quincey Morris climbs high in the spiked and gnarled vines to gain a better vantage point, especially as it relates to the seemingly irritable Ettiness and her children.

Having lost the pathway the players take to the south to search for it using the sparse islands to block themselves from the sight of the Ettins. Their paddling, especially from the smaller boat made by the Brownies  attracts the attentions of the giant frogs as well as Fredrik & Lars and ultimately Reeta & Katjåa. 

The party rallies to the defense against the frogs and Edward uses a fog spell to allow them to escape the Ettins and make I to the southern shore where they spot a rough cobblestone path. It is at this point that Quincey reappears and lets the party know that Hannah & Ilkåa have not only broken their “doll” but have other toys (human children) in her basket.

The party rescues the children by distracting Hannah & Ilkåa with some clever spell work by Raven. While the players complete the harrowing rescue Angus McDonnel & his troop help themselves to a king’s ransom in pearls. The party eventually escapes and follows the path. Along the way, a small hut appears and soon is surrounded by a fence topped with human skulls, lit like lanters and a adjacent path is seen to be “growing” into focus, reaching out to the path the party is on. 

The party decides to move on.

Emerging from the forest the into a cornfield filled with Hill Giant farmers of a titanic size who, thankfully, failed to notice the adventurers. The same could not be said of their farm dogs, in reality Dire Wolves.  The party avoided the dangers as long as they could but with the hounds closing in and alerting their masters it looked as if all was lost until they were saved by riders who had seen the commotion and come to rescue, taking the party to New Tampere. A small Finish Christian missionary village in the heart of a great hedge marking the border of the farmland.



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