S1E8: A journey derailed.

Where the party is delayed on their quest by a hoard of Goblin Pirates and crash lands in territory controlled by the giant kings.

Giant harpoons plunge into the sides of the Modron train and bring it to a abrupt halt 100s of feet above Shadowfel. The party rallies itself to action as do the Prussian soldiers in the next car. Thought they are initially disorganized, and scared a single spheroid Modron enters the cabin and violently removes the head of the Prussian leader, implanting himself in it’s place. Though horrible, this does not seem to be an unfamiliar occurrence to the soldiers. The leader, now in direct and instantaneous telepathic contact with the other Modrons, organizes the defense. The soldiers fall in line and prepare to repel borders. Surely goblin losses will be extreme.

The first wave of Pirate attacks proves not to be goblins at all but a swarm of cockatrices, who board through giant brass coring tubes the Goblins use as gangplanks. Though the Prusssian guns rang loud they soon fell to stoney silence

Outside the windows of the party’s train car the pirate captain and his crew prepare to board. A series of desperate battles ensue with Raven and Kerstas fighting off the advancing cockatrices while saving a young elvish girl (though not her mother) while Edward and Malagar board the goblin train itself. At one point Edward holds the Goblins at bay by levitating the trains coal supply and sending it at the hoard in the next car manipulating the floating mass to look like a dragon.

The party is assisted by the sudden appearance of tall, stern faced fighting man with an unknown accent and strange weapons including what appear to be a pair of repeating pistols a rifle and a cruel knife.

The captain himself flees at the sight of Malagar boarding his flying skiff as the Gobiln train, still attached to the Modron train begins to fall.

After a series of harrowing maneuvers including Edward hanging from a line below the ship, all board the skiff and defeat the Goblins there. All save Raven who is trapped aboard the speeding engine, having successfully separated it from the rest of the train.

Unfortunately Kerstas, who had ironically saved the train itself only seconds before, and the others could only watch in horror as the train engine crashed into a closed Modron portal some miles away. The party arrives in the skiff to find the portal damaged but open and Raven dangling from the end of a rope having saved his own life by leaping from the train while throwing a grapple.

Edmond maneuvers the ship through the portal but not without injury to the hull and sails fatally damaging it’s ability to stay aloft. Just before crashing in a dismal swamp the party sees a titanic hedge in the distance with some overgrown branches actually reaching the tracks high above. The tracks lead to another portal a short distance away. Through the portal could be briefly seen a large town on a mountainside — the intended original destination of the train.

The swamp is inhabited by giant frogs who’s backs seem to secrete perfect black and white pearls — a king’s ransom if the quality matches the size. Against a tree sleeps one head of an Ettiness. Her two children seem to be harvesting the pearls while she rests, gathering them in a colossal picnic basket by their mother. The children are bickering loudly and one is complaining her doll is broken.

It is at this moment that Angus McDonnel and his brownies reveal themselves, look around and reminisce about the battle all too loudly.



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