S1E7: A shift in time.

Where the party gains a breather, does a bit of shopping and boards a train.

Initially the party struggles with Edward who is reluctant to put the Rod away but eventually it is sealed inside the casket once more.

Stopping outside the Faerie Market, the team takes a rest and waits for the Eldarin tower to open. Before it does the group is surrounded by Eldarin soldiers who question them and finally allow them into the tower where they are allowed to eat and rest for an uncertain number of days. During that time they see a train made of copper, brass and iron arrive and depart from unknown locations. The train itself is manned and maintained by various types of geometrical creatures with clockwork exoskeletons (i.e. Modrons). 

Upon gaining an audience with Fingolan the party is informed that he can, indeed, help them on their way. In fact he lets them know that the Shifting Lands are in the care of his people and, for those who know, the path between them can be continuous and unbroken. He offers the players a bargain: investigate the cause of Baba Yaga’s recent destructive actions and stop her from systematically destroying the pockets of Shifting Lands she has been visiting and he will open the towers pathways, sending the party where and when they need to go.

It is clear that Baba Yaga has been convinced or influenced by the Sisterhood and, indeed, a small delegation of them (Three of the Sisterhood (a drow and two other races hidden by veils) plus four attendants) has been seen in the market.

The party agrees to these terms and is well supplied by the Eldarin and given free passage through the market. Just prior to leaving leaving the party sees themselves entering the tower. Once in the market they are offered many strange and unusual things in exchange for … esoteric forms of payment. Primarily the party makes no deals with the exception of Raven who purchases seven shots of gunpowder from a goblin merchant selling blunderbusses for a single moment of inspiration.

Once close to the train it has become apparent that it has, in the recent past, sustained serious damage. The train itself is populated by all manner of strange races and even some humans, the most notable wearing Prussian military uniforms

Boarding the train, the party settles in to their comfortable private cabin and the train stands, on the same legs that the Modrons do and walks through a great brass and iron archway (a dimensional gateway) where it retracts it’s legs and runs on rails suspended 100s of feet in the air.

The train has left the small island of fey and is now entered Shadowfell itself. Outside the window they can see they are approaching the same area the city of Prague exists on the other side of the mirror. As the party looks down they see tens of thousands of souls approaching the city, waiting for the slaughter, looking for hosts. The area on which the city stands is itself covered in a vast dome of the same opaque white marble that stands in stark contrast to the pervasive darkness of the realm of shadow. It is the same white marble that the room concealing the artifact and the weightless cube in Valagar’s pocket is made of.

No sooner is there train past Prague than a Manticore flies past their train. On it’s back is a howdah with four goblins trailing two streams of vermillion ribbon. As the creature passes the ribbons go taut forming red rails upon which speeds a sinister train filled with goblin pirates that is gaining on the party.



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