S1E5: Under the water, over the bridge

Where the party decides flee Prague to keep the object from converging interests.

The episode began the day after the Bravóst fire. The party, being well known and having fled the scene the night before was tracked down to their inn where the Prague city guard descended upon them. Edward, calling upon an old sailers trick summoned a fog bank to hide his compatriots and all took to the bottom of the Prague river, breathing by means of another spell from Edmond. The party traversed the bottom for some hours until reaching the university bridge which was actually a dense mini community made from ramshackle buildings added to it by the locals, all open space dominated by a thriving market.

The sodden party did their best to disguise their water logged appearance and, posing as toy merchants, made their way across the bridge, narrowly avoiding the city guard who, by now, had their descriptions.

Upon exiting the city they passed through a military graveyard where they noticed names matching Ulrich’s conspirator list. Clearly Baron Jaeger “the wolf”, who Kerstas knew to be a vampire, planned on raising the dead to aid his plot.

In the town beyond the wall, the party purchased a three horses and a cart and additional supplies and started off west when they were attacked by three female vampire thralls wearing Austrian uniforms (House of Jaeger) but carrying Prussian made pistols and ammunition. The Party narrowly defeated the vampires at the cost of one of the horses.



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