S1E6: Dawn of twilight

Where the party frees their horses, Phillipe makes an unexpected appearance and they cross into the mirror.

Phillipe, now a vampire, catches up to the party and holding his undead nature at bay through sheer faith imparts the following facts. Baron Jaeger is, himself a thrall in the service of his wife the Baroness Jaeger, formerly Mina Harker a full vampire and a member of the Sisterhood of Illimitable Filament. 

It is she who is orchestrating the assassination attempt though certainly she is in league with other governments or factions of thereof. Philipe tells the party that her power has grown recently (perhaps due to the awakened artifact) and she has decided to remove subtlety from her plot and summon all the city’s dead to raze Prague and everyone in it to the ground (including, of course, the archduke). When she plans to do this is unknown but the process would certainly be deep ritual magic and the party may have set her back somewhat by dispatching three of her chief minions.

Philippe holds himself in check long enough for the party to dispatch him whereon he is consigned to Hell. Edmond recovers several of his effects and the party flees into the woodland path where riders have proceeded them to the nearest communities. Now wanted with prices on their heads, the party defends itself against a misguided attempt by some local merchants to collect the reward and again flees west through the night eventually taking refuge in a wooded glenn by a pond and a small alter down the hill from the ruins of a once-great tower.

As dawn rises the half light in the glenn takes on a strange quality, almost as if it is not dawn but twilight. As the light develops the party hears sounds above them and begins to notice, webs hanging like silk from the branches, an assemblage of faeries hiding amidst the trees, a small hut in the far edge of the glenn, something moving in the water and a green glow from the alter.

As the hut’s door opens and an old woman’s silhouette could be seen. At this moment the glenn is filled with the smell of fresh baked cakes as the trees come alive with ettercaps. The half-spider creatures gather fey into their webs and move to block the party’s retreat.

While the party defended themselves, Edmond discovered the Key to Perdition in his hand and was afforded great powers including the ability to summon and control the powerful Green Knights that were at rest beneath the altar. The knights attack with unstoppable ferocity and, once Edmond is safe, bow and reinter themselves.

The party reached safety at the glenn’s edge, saving five brownies in the bargain. The brownies, a troop lead by Angus McDonnell (certainly not his “true" name) figures that the party numbering four an his troop numbering five he owes the adventurers “four n' a quart’r fav'rs”.

Now free of the glenn, the party confirms they have crossed into the mirror where the sky is now twilight, and the tower, no longer ruined, is tall and garrisoned with an peoples of an unknown livery. The road that led the party to the glenn is now a footpath that splits, heading east (back toward Prague) south toward the tower and continues west into an open faerie market. From the far side of the glenn a chicken legged hut stands and paces off through the woods. 



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