S1E4: Web of silk

Where the party decides to confront Anton Bravóst at his home (the Silk Palace) and learns he was a pawn in the grand conspiracy.

When Edward confronts his uncle, Anton is unmanned and reveals that obsessive gambling has left him deeply in debt. He has been selling the Emperor’s wine to Unseelie Court but, with interest (and continued gambling) even that gold was not sufficient. To keep the scandal at bay Anton took the fey gold but sold the wine to others. Now with outstanding markers all over Austria (including criminal elements), vast quantities of the Emperors wine unaccounted for and threatening messages arriving from the Unseelie, Anton was grew increasingly desperate. Only his private militia was well paid — insurance against the worst.

Madam Bravóst, an ethnic Russian and member of the Sisterhood of Illimitable Filament used her connections to offer her husband a way out. The Russian government would pay all of his debt if he would secure a “historical object of great value” held somewhere in the Jewish Quarter. As no one could describe the exact nature of the object, Anton used his militia to “relocate” whole neighborhoods to effect the search.

It seems likely that the Sisterhood orchestrated Anton’s original (and continuing) misfortune to gain access to his militia for the search and to manipulate Anton’s actions to draw the Archduke to Prague (to investigate rumors of his father’s missing wine stores).

Pawn or not, Anton’s own greed and ambition lead him to murder the displaced people so he could profit from development of the now vacant land and, shortly after his confession, he payed for his crimes when Malagar surrounded him in cold darkness — collecting the debt owed the Unseelie.

Directly after this event the party was attacked by Madame Bravóst who revealed herself to be a drow priestess in disguise (glamour). The party was attacked by her, Edmond’s cousin Pavel (revealed to be a Drider) and the animated silken lace that permeated every corner of the mansion. 

Fighting their way free, with sword and fire, the silken palace burned and, though Roman Bravóst was saved, Benedikt Bravóst lost his life while Madam Bravóst and Pavel escaped.

The party gave chase back to the Synagogue where they confronted the Drow and defeated them. There they decided to take the casket with them as well as some of the remaining effects (magic items) of the Brothers Brevard. Finally they retreated to the inn where they had previously stayed and Philipe, near death from Drow poison, was left with the local doctor.



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