S1E3: The tolling bell

Where the party encounters and defeats the Golem of Prague and encounters a clockwork cyborg.

During the battle in the sewers it is clear that control of the golem has been co-opted by an outside power who’s name, due to the nature of the golem itself, has bled into the parchment in his mouth. The parchment was taken, and kept, by Raven.

After the battle Edmond, is compelled to play a passage from the Bravost Cantata which opens the casket revealing an object made of bone that radiates palpable malevolence.

The party decides to return the artifact and casket to the vault and investigate clues found on Bolg.

Bolg’s effects lead them to Ulrich’s House of 1000 Clocks which, contains exactly 1000 clocks, many of which seem self aware or are controlled by someone who is. Ulrich, a clockwork cyborg, is also a member of the same conspiracy — now revealed to be the assassination the visiting Archduke Franz Karl Joseph by Baron Jaeger “the Hunter” and unknown conspirators – including several members of what appear to be the Prague military elite. 

Ulrich is defeated and recent communications show that the Prussians appear to be gaining some knowledge of the artifact siting a cryptic “disturbance in the pattern”.

The party, once again, retreats to the sewers to contemplate their next move.



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