S1E2: Feet of clay

Where the party snuck into the interior of the Synagogue itself discovered a number of items in the Rabbi’s sanctum and were briefly trapped in a vault with perfect walls which also bore evidence of fey origin. 

The party is delayed by the Ghost of Rabbi Loew recently murdered by “Joshua” who relates to them some of the history of the artifact known alternately as the Rod of Ruin, the Heart of Murder and the Key to Perdition including it’s creation by the “Devil himself” from the spine of Caine and it’s appearance 500 years ago roughly coinciding with the start of the black plague and the resurgence of magic in the world. 

A short time later, the devil was deceived by an "angel”, who stole the artifact and created the woven bone casket and perfect vault to conceal it. The vault's location was revealed to a select few who built the synagog over the site. 

300 years ago an attack on the community caused the original High Rabbi Loew to create the golem to “protect his people”. It’s real purpose was to guard the artifact. 

A generation later, the remaining elders, woke Joshua to move the artifact away from their holy synagog. It’s power checked now only by the casket, the wand began to reach out to the last being that held it. Joshua would dream of the wand over the next 150 years until the present Rabbi enclave woke him to deal with the Bravóst militia.

The party defeats the ghost of Rabbi Loew and Phillipe puts him to rest revealing himself to be a high warrior priest of the Order of St. John. He relates, briefly the history of the Brevard family (of which Edmond Braddock and the Bravósts are directly descendants) who are drawn to powerful magic and the artifact in particular.

Bolg, who was strangled to death by his own shadow, is revealed to have been a spy and a key member of a conspiracy that involves the Prussian (German) government or, at least, factions within it.



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