S1E14: A second downpour

Where the league gets some exercise on the train, accepts new member, makes a decision and starts a midnight ride.

Convalescing from their wounds and losses, the party has a chance to examine the dispatches captured from the Sisterhood (see appendix II) learning many things. Edmond is returned to the party, escorted by a Fire Giant guard.

They board the train for the Faerie Market and the Eldarin outpost. Along the way they fend off an assassination attempt by a band of Prussian spies with the help of a mysterious elf who goes by the name of Ylmaterä. 

Exiting the train, Malagar sells one of the assassins to a merchant.

Arriving at the outpost, the adventurers inform Fingolin that Baba Yaga has ceased her assault on the Shifting Zones and tell him the reason why – thus fulfilling their part of the bargain.

Fingolan leads them to a set of stairs which spirals deep into the shifting zones. The stair leads to s single room with two doors — The WHERE door, which will send them anywhere they want to go and the WHEN door which will send them anywhere along their shared timeline.

The party is left to choose.

After some debate it is decided to go back to before the sacking of Prague, try to thwart the assassination of the Archduke and forestall the start of the war. The party walks through the door.

The rain pours down on their heads, they stand amidst the Brevard Militia, haggard, worn but with their memories, equipment and newfound abilities in tact from their adventure on the other side of the mirror. They stand in the exact same places they stood mere (days?) before, outside the Old New Synagog, in a standoff with the community that has come to defend it. Looking to his side Edmond sees Kerstas, the back of her head a cavernous hole. She puts her finger to her lips and disappears into black mist.

The pounding on the door of the synagogue ceases abruptly as the Golem within reverts to simple clay – the slip of parchment with the name that gives it power now in the party’s possession.

As he did once before Edmond charms his uncle, who leaves. He then disperses the militia — sending them away with Holg and Bolg, the half-orc brothers, now alive again.

Back at the inn, Madam Gerber has Alphonse’s belongings packed and gives him exact directions to catch up with the party. Ylmaterä, who was also curiously in Prague at the time, meets them as well.

The party uses a mixture of coin and Braddock/Brevard influence to wake a stable master, procure horses and, in the middle of the night, they speeds toward where the Archduke, Baron Jaeger and the Vampiress Mina Jaeger await.



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