S1E12: Vitreous Humor

Where the party gains an ally defeats a misshapen fool, and tracks down a band of insurrectionists.

“Why is a candle maker likely to come to a bad end? Because all his works are wicked and sure to come to light”

The contest begins with … a joke. It seems Chambord is more than a misshapen giant, the stare from his bulging eye is deadly and his fool’s staff had magical abilities of its own. He presses his advantage in both size and performance keeping the team off guard and even trapping Edmund into an irresistible dance before he can cast a spell. The sudden appearance of the pugilist Ollie Harris aids the party and slowly the tide turns.

Attacks from every direction divided Chambord’s attention keeping him from leveling his full magical and physical might on any one party member. Soon the outcome of the battle was no longer in dispute, no longer a matter of sport.

Chambord pleads with his master to intercede. Lord Nylund, once jovial, now, his pride wounded, turns from his faithful servant in disgust. Wounded, beaten and on fire, Chambord finally falls when Malagar cuts his ankle and Ollie delivers the coup de gras with a blow to the head.

“Why is a dog like a tree? Because they both lose their bark once they are dead.”

The contest over, Lord Nylund hands over the locket around his neck and prepares to destroy he party himself but Lady Astrid, perhaps spurred to action by the Giant floating castle that has just made landfall with Diaspora assumed her full height and power and stops him.

She makes a bargain with the party – she will see them safely from the castle if they retrieve the contract that binds her, a contract she was coerced into signing by the sisterhood.

The party exits the castle, quickly.



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