S1E13: Storm of loss

Where the party confronts the sisterhood and says goodbye to a friend.

A storm forms over all of Diaspora an angry living thing that lets the party know they have little time. The party tracks the sisterhood to The Diaspora Grand hotel where they are awaiting their train.

The hotel itself reveals Lord Nylund’s (Centuries long?) fetishizing of the human world. It’s style is pure European opulence designed to impress Giantkind and intimidate “human” sized visitors. As such it is built on a precipice — jutting out from a sheer drop not he mountain city’s edge.

As Diaspora is a major trade city it is set up to accommodate all sizes and tastes and is located directly across from the North end train station. It’s lobby and halls are opulent and the former is well serviced with Hill Giant lobby boys and bell hops Stone Giant receptionists and a Cloud Giant Concierge.

Using Alphonse’s glamor ability the party alternately walks through the front door and sneaks around the side all the side with Quincy acting as both sniper and look out.

Confronting what they later learned was the last remnants of a once larger delegation, the party defeats the sisterhoods minions including a Drow warrior and an Illithid. The party had prevailed but at a terrible price. As Kerstas falls Ollie discovers a room where two once-human clockwork automatons are somehow transmitting and deciphering messages from the sisterhood. After exacting his revenge on the remaining Drow Warrior Malagar recovers lady Asstrid’s contract and a second small chest, identical to the one they had just won from Lord Nylund.

Pursued by the cloud Giant concierge and his staff the party flees into the presence of the Lord of Storms, a massive Storm Giant monarch with Lady Astrid and a penitent Lord Nylund by his side.

He examines the contract, destroys it and deems that the party has done his kin a service, a service he repays by allowing the party to leave Diaspora unharmed on the next train.



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