S1E11: Fountain of fools

Where the party heals, rests, receives payment for their heroism and a enters into a risky wager with a giant lord.

Carrying the catatonic body of Kerstas into the town of Diaspora, the party seeks a moments rest at the The Altoclef, a hotel run by high elf in the human-sized section of town. There Kerstas is violently healed by a Drow healer.

The hotel is, itself, downstream from “The Fountain” a once semi-clean water well now used as a privy dumping station by hill giant servants of visiting giant dignitaries.

It is here that the party reconnects with Quincey Morris and the Brownies who have been spending their time scouting the area which includes a gigantic modron arch. A mirror to one being constructed in Berlin. 

The party gathers with their lost comrades and gains entrance to Diaspra Manor, residence of the 7th Earl of Diaspora, Lord Nylund a vassal of an unnamed Giant King who’s castle is drifting closer to the manor, presumably to attend the wedding.

The party is lead to the chambers of Melania where they are ask five questions. Among other things they learn that A delegation ( they sisterhood agents they have been following) have already arrived and met with Lady Astrid, known to be the true power behind Diaspora and the house of Nylund. Indeed when they meet later Lady Astrid has a voluminous white silk scarf around her neck.

They also learn that the delegation traded what is presumably the heart of Baba Yaga (or at least one of the Baba Yagas) to Lord Nylund in exchange for a military alliance.

Though the nature of the venture is unknown it appears certain that the Prussians, or factions within it, working with the sisterhood is preparing to capitalize on the chaos resulting from the recent fall of Prague.

Lastly the party learns that Lord Nylund is a arrogant and vain with a weakness for gambling. Gaining an audience to his private drawing room, they decide to risk all on a wager with the party setting the terms and the cloud giant setting the contest.

Lord Nylund chose as the mechanism a contest of arms. The party must defeat his fool — a thirty foot tall Famorian named Chambord. The contest is to the death.



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