An all female Lolthian cult

Admiralty, the – (England) Organization responsible for the command of the Royal Navy
Barrovian Unification, the – (Shadowfell) An alliance of dark forces, primarily vampires. 
Black Rose, the – (Primarily northern Europe) the most effective and successful mercenary organization in recent history
Bravóst Family Militia – (Austria/Prague) presumed still active though currently leaderless
Brevard Family, the — (cross cultural/border – England, France, Austria) a wide spread and close knit noble family who are drawn to magic and chaos, particularly the "The Artifact". Each branch no matter the marital connection (Braddock, Bravóst) seems to end up with a similar sounding “Br…” name.
Church of Vhaeraun – (Primarily Unseelie, but some outposts in Shadowfell and the Shifting Zones) Followers of the masked lord the Drow god of Night and the the chamber militant of the Gloaming Court.
Eldarin – Unaligned fey who’s military seems to have been set, or set themselves, as guardians of the Shifting Zones.
Goblin Pirates – Freebooters – Unknown Fey alignment (potentially none)
Military Intelligence Branch 5 – Her majesties’ secret service dealing particularly with all matters mystical. At this time a subset of the Admiralty.
Missionaries of New Tampere – Christian missionaries from Finland now settled in The Great Hedge on the borders of the farms of the Giant Kings. Their attempts to convert the heathens of the Mirror have been stunted by the realities of mere survival.
Order of St John — (cross cultural/border) a group of European knights in two sects:

  • Hospitallers. Dispensers of the Lords mercy. Secret mission: Set by an angel to look over the men of the Brevard family line
  • Justicars. Dispensers of the Lord’s justice. Secret mission: Unknown

Power Behind the Clocks – (Prussian + Modron) An unknown force dealing in magical clockwork — may be whole, part, or a splinter faction of the Prussian government/military and the Eighth Decile of the Dark Mechanus.


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