S1E5: Under the water, over the bridge

Where the party decides flee Prague to keep the object from converging interests.

The episode began the day after the Bravóst fire. The party, being well known and having fled the scene the night before was tracked down to their inn where the Prague city guard descended upon them. Edward, calling upon an old sailers trick summoned a fog bank to hide his compatriots and all took to the bottom of the Prague river, breathing by means of another spell from Edmond. The party traversed the bottom for some hours until reaching the university bridge which was actually a dense mini community made from ramshackle buildings added to it by the locals, all open space dominated by a thriving market.

The sodden party did their best to disguise their water logged appearance and, posing as toy merchants, made their way across the bridge, narrowly avoiding the city guard who, by now, had their descriptions.

Upon exiting the city they passed through a military graveyard where they noticed names matching Ulrich’s conspirator list. Clearly Baron Jaeger “the wolf”, who Kerstas knew to be a vampire, planned on raising the dead to aid his plot.

In the town beyond the wall, the party purchased a three horses and a cart and additional supplies and started off west when they were attacked by three female vampire thralls wearing Austrian uniforms (House of Jaeger) but carrying Prussian made pistols and ammunition. The Party narrowly defeated the vampires at the cost of one of the horses.

S1E4: Web of silk

Where the party decides to confront Anton Bravóst at his home (the Silk Palace) and learns he was a pawn in the grand conspiracy.

When Edward confronts his uncle, Anton is unmanned and reveals that obsessive gambling has left him deeply in debt. He has been selling the Emperor’s wine to Unseelie Court but, with interest (and continued gambling) even that gold was not sufficient. To keep the scandal at bay Anton took the fey gold but sold the wine to others. Now with outstanding markers all over Austria (including criminal elements), vast quantities of the Emperors wine unaccounted for and threatening messages arriving from the Unseelie, Anton was grew increasingly desperate. Only his private militia was well paid — insurance against the worst.

Madam Bravóst, an ethnic Russian and member of the Sisterhood of Illimitable Filament used her connections to offer her husband a way out. The Russian government would pay all of his debt if he would secure a “historical object of great value” held somewhere in the Jewish Quarter. As no one could describe the exact nature of the object, Anton used his militia to “relocate” whole neighborhoods to effect the search.

It seems likely that the Sisterhood orchestrated Anton’s original (and continuing) misfortune to gain access to his militia for the search and to manipulate Anton’s actions to draw the Archduke to Prague (to investigate rumors of his father’s missing wine stores).

Pawn or not, Anton’s own greed and ambition lead him to murder the displaced people so he could profit from development of the now vacant land and, shortly after his confession, he payed for his crimes when Malagar surrounded him in cold darkness — collecting the debt owed the Unseelie.

Directly after this event the party was attacked by Madame Bravóst who revealed herself to be a drow priestess in disguise (glamour). The party was attacked by her, Edmond’s cousin Pavel (revealed to be a Drider) and the animated silken lace that permeated every corner of the mansion. 

Fighting their way free, with sword and fire, the silken palace burned and, though Roman Bravóst was saved, Benedikt Bravóst lost his life while Madam Bravóst and Pavel escaped.

The party gave chase back to the Synagogue where they confronted the Drow and defeated them. There they decided to take the casket with them as well as some of the remaining effects (magic items) of the Brothers Brevard. Finally they retreated to the inn where they had previously stayed and Philipe, near death from Drow poison, was left with the local doctor.

S1E3: The tolling bell

Where the party encounters and defeats the Golem of Prague and encounters a clockwork cyborg.

During the battle in the sewers it is clear that control of the golem has been co-opted by an outside power who’s name, due to the nature of the golem itself, has bled into the parchment in his mouth. The parchment was taken, and kept, by Raven.

After the battle Edmond, is compelled to play a passage from the Bravost Cantata which opens the casket revealing an object made of bone that radiates palpable malevolence.

The party decides to return the artifact and casket to the vault and investigate clues found on Bolg.

Bolg’s effects lead them to Ulrich’s House of 1000 Clocks which, contains exactly 1000 clocks, many of which seem self aware or are controlled by someone who is. Ulrich, a clockwork cyborg, is also a member of the same conspiracy — now revealed to be the assassination the visiting Archduke Franz Karl Joseph by Baron Jaeger “the Hunter” and unknown conspirators – including several members of what appear to be the Prague military elite. 

Ulrich is defeated and recent communications show that the Prussians appear to be gaining some knowledge of the artifact siting a cryptic “disturbance in the pattern”.

The party, once again, retreats to the sewers to contemplate their next move.

S1E2: Feet of clay

Where the party snuck into the interior of the Synagogue itself discovered a number of items in the Rabbi’s sanctum and were briefly trapped in a vault with perfect walls which also bore evidence of fey origin. 

The party is delayed by the Ghost of Rabbi Loew recently murdered by “Joshua” who relates to them some of the history of the artifact known alternately as the Rod of Ruin, the Heart of Murder and the Key to Perdition including it’s creation by the “Devil himself” from the spine of Caine and it’s appearance 500 years ago roughly coinciding with the start of the black plague and the resurgence of magic in the world. 

A short time later, the devil was deceived by an "angel”, who stole the artifact and created the woven bone casket and perfect vault to conceal it. The vault's location was revealed to a select few who built the synagog over the site. 

300 years ago an attack on the community caused the original High Rabbi Loew to create the golem to “protect his people”. It’s real purpose was to guard the artifact. 

A generation later, the remaining elders, woke Joshua to move the artifact away from their holy synagog. It’s power checked now only by the casket, the wand began to reach out to the last being that held it. Joshua would dream of the wand over the next 150 years until the present Rabbi enclave woke him to deal with the Bravóst militia.

The party defeats the ghost of Rabbi Loew and Phillipe puts him to rest revealing himself to be a high warrior priest of the Order of St. John. He relates, briefly the history of the Brevard family (of which Edmond Braddock and the Bravósts are directly descendants) who are drawn to powerful magic and the artifact in particular.

Bolg, who was strangled to death by his own shadow, is revealed to have been a spy and a key member of a conspiracy that involves the Prussian (German) government or, at least, factions within it.

S1E1: An old new mystery

Where the party formulated a plan, entered the sewer system and were assaulted by a hoards of undead rats.

Holg is killed and the party emerges just outside the back entrance of the Synagogue near the cemetery. Before leaving the sewer, ancient fey runes are discovered on the foundation of the synagog – which turns out to be much older than the building itself. 

S1, Prologue: Downpour

Where the militia of Anton Bravóst, under the command of his nephew Edmond Braddock did not assault the most ancient Synagogue in all of Europe.


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