A list of secondary characters the party has encountered



  • Jewish Mob — (Austrian) Remains of the community in the Jewish quarter
  • Madam Gerber – (F – German, living in Prague) A innkeeper of some skill but little bravery
  • Jewish Elders — (M – Austrian) Rabbis, later ghosts under the control of Joshua
  • Ulrich Austerlitz — (M – Prussian (living in Prague)) a clockmaker, and a Prussian code cipher/spy handler
  • Ranata Fuentes — (F – Dwarf) a tailor of considerable skill in an upscale market district in Prague.
  • Colonel Nicolai Eckhart — (M – Austrian) a close confidant and trusted protector of the Archduke Franz Karl


  • Eolae — (F – Eldarin (Unaligned Fey)) Soldier
  • Jenny Greenteeth — (F – Unseelie) A river hag
  • Reeta & Katjåa – (F,F – Ettin)
  • Hannah & Ilkåa – (F,F – Ettin (young adult))
  • Fredrik & Lars – (M,M – Ettin (child))
  • DECEASED: Captain Despieto — (M – Hobgoblin (Portuguese)) train pirate captain.
  • UNDEAD: The 400 – (Asorted) 400+ animated dead that roam the hedge under the control of Edward Braddock.

FEY SIDE: NEW TAMPERE (Finish Human Missionary Settlement)

  • Claus Lasko – (M – Finishan) Mayor of New Tampere
  • Askel – (M – Finishan) Blacksmith/Weapon smith/Craftsman of fine chess pieces of New *Tampere
  • Anja —  (F, Finishan) Owner of a supply shop in New Tampere
  • The Owl – Scourge of New Tampere.
  • DECEASED: Sigrid – (F – Finishan (Young Adult)) – Daughter of Anja in New Tampere – petrified by a goblin’s basilisk – may be potentially “saved” by powerful magic.

FEY SIDE: DIASPORA (Modron train Nexus line city in the Halls of the Giant Kings)

  • Unnamed Nephew to Lady Astrid (M, Cloud Giant, Halls of the Giant Kings)
  • Silvio – (M, High Elf, Italian) Proprietor of the Altoclef, an upscale inn in downscale part of Diaspora
  • Zeetla – (F, Drow, Halls of the Giant Kings)
  • Fatima – (F, – Cloud Giant, Halls of the Giant Kings) Ladies maid to Malania
  • Unnamed “Lord of Storms” — (M – Storm Giant, Halls of the Giant Kings) King of the HoGKs
  • DECEASED: Chambord – (M – Famorian, Sardinian) Fool to Lord Nylund


  • The Brothers Brevard – (M – French) A group of 4 knights indoctrinated by the Order of St. John and set on a holy quest to find lost artifacts.
  • The Delegation — (F, F, F, M, M, M, M) Agents of the Sisterhood.


  • The Green Knights – (Germanic) Powerful warrior spirits with ancient Germanic clothing. Mission/origin: Unknown.

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