Kudirka, Kerstas

Lithuanian, cavalry officer/adventurer/spy.


A former cavalry officer for the Lithuanian national guard, member of the League of Questionable Gentlemen and spy for the British Admiralty.

AKA: The Turbaned Queen, The Crimson Lady

At the time of her death (at the hands of a mind flayer from a Sisterhood delegation) Kerstas was saturated by the power emanating from the Artifact and, as such, did not stay quiet in her grave for long.

She has recently been sighted in the town of Locronan France where, well documented in popular song, she was seen overseeing the excavation of a white marble foundation under the town church. The town itself having been taken over by an infestation of worms that turned the populace into the walking dead.



Kudirka, Kerstas

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