S2E7: Mirrored Pursuits

In which the party flees their perusers and into even deeper dangers.

The party, who are being closed in on by multiple mortal and fey-side factions, chooses a risky path - fleeing into a mirror path defined by the birch treed of the Abeduls. Their danger heightens however as they run afoul of Fey hunters. Narrowly escaping back to the human world they find enough time has passed to make the danger even greater. They re-enter the portal to find the hunters dispersed or killed the path ablaze and a two chicken footed housed in the distance. The party steels itself for a parlay with Baba Yaga.


500 ea for the game
250 e
a for roleplay
1550 ea for the Brothers Vermillion (RedCaps) and their mounts (Winter Wolves)
TOTAL: 1,800 ea


S2E6: Vagabonds

In which the party falls in, and out, with a band of Gypsies.

Perused by the Prussian army, Modrons, the Sisterhood and the Giants allies of the house of Nylund, the party disembarks in a quiet marketplace in Brussels and is immediately of warning from Prof. J Moriarty. The party makes further arrangements with the gypsies for protection and concealment and, after pausing to watch Morana, a young Gypsy girl murder an old woman (SoTIF agent??), the party is spirited way along secret routes to a hidden alcove under the main streets of Brussels. Spending the next few days in rest and recovery, the party joins its fate to the Gypsy caravan, attempting to make overland passage to Paris by routes known only to the Faruk, the leader of the family.

During the night of the third day, the party is betrayed by Grampa Roman and his grand niece Isadora who seduces the Court wizard Otto Geisler. In the fray Grampa Roman and Isadora are killed and Otto is revealed to be Archduke Franz Karl Joseph, who is attempting to get to Paris secretly for reasons of his own.

The entire camp is then attacked my a small scouting force of flying Modrons which are swiftly defeated by the party.

Though he apologizes, Faruk lets the party know he believes it best for the adventurers to break company with the Gypsies. Edmond negotiates the sale of some provisions and livestock and, as the family of Faruk leaves, the party can hear Prussian hunting forces closing in.


500 ea for the game
500 ea for strong roleplay 
50 ea for defeating 6 modrons
TOTAL: 1,050 ea

Note from Prof. J Moriarty "Agents are searching for you in every port. Trust no one."

S2E5: Secrets in transit

In which the party takes a train, and crosses two borders.

As light dawns the air over Laipzig is thick with the smell of smoke and the smell of blood and amidst the a mass of recent slaughter, the artifact awakes.

As the denizens of Laipzig begin to emerge and recover the party debates their next move. Traveling to France is a given but by train. by horse, by flying Goblin pirate yacht. Upon investigating the ship, Edmond discovers an dead Goblin, pinned to the deck by a sword struggling against it's confinement, awakened by the artifact. As Edmond approaches the Goblin issues a warning " She is coming for you" and vomits some small worms of the same type sung of in the Fall of Locronon.

The party avoids rhe worms and Edmond fires the ship and the party decides on the train.

During the passage the party fakes their papers and barely gets by after a dispute with Prussian border guards. Underway the mystery of the Abeduls deepens as does the identity of Otto Geisler whom the party is increasingly convinced si not who he says he is. The party's travels culminates at the Austrian:Netherlands border crossing where train is due to be boarded by a flight of Modrons. and is only saved when Malagar convinces the train's chief engineer that helping them will harm the sisterhood.

The party arrives in Brussels.

500 ea for the games
1000 ea for roleplay on the train
50 ea for the firing of the undead goblin and burrowing worms
TOTAL: 1,550 ea

Your individual freedom
The respect of Glim Burkhatter – Chief Gnome Engineer



S2E4 (parts 1 and 2): The battle of Leipzig

In which the party fends off the unwanted attentions of Goblin pirates and defends important dignitaries.

Escaping the flaming confines of the the Sprungender Knurrer, the party escapes any way they can, into alleyways, from third floor windows and out back doors. They are opposed by the majority of the crews from three Goblin pirate ships that have apparently been hired to capture or assassinate Mataô Abedul. A running, battle ensues where the party fights a retreating action, escaping from Hobgoblin Captains with their crews of Goblin gunners, Cockatrice pets, Bugbear berserkers and even two gun crews manning a long 9 and a 30 pounder filled with grapeshot.

The battle rages around the space between the inn and the tracks, from the alleyways to the cemetery to the train itself, where the party and the pirates find out, is guarded by Gnomes who will shoot anyone coming within 20' of the train before boarding time. At first overwhelmed by the sheer mass of goblinoids against them, Edmond calls on the power of the artifact to raise the dead, globins and humans alike to fight off their assailants. This gives the party a brief respite until the pirates bring the cannons to bear, making short work of everything before them.

All this blood and death spurs on the artifact which, once again, begins to radiate it's malevolence, a well of dark energy that the characters can feel and even call on. Seeing Edmond call upon the dead and feeling the power rise, Otto Geisler recoils in horror "My God … what have I aligned myself with?".

During the battle Mateo Abedul is killed and Javier Abedul becomes the leader of the Spainish delegation — a different leader with a different personality but speaking as if he was/had been Mateo. When Javier is also slain and Fatima Abedul takes on leadership, she also speaks as if she had been Mateo and Javier but her softer affect is now reflected in the entire group who all now look decidedly female. No matter the leader all exhibit an ability to connect with the surrounding flora, a connection that is deepened when Olivander discovers Abedul is Spanish for birch.

Slaying dozens of Goblins, the party manages to cross the tracks and again is offered a brief moment of rest, taking refuge in a small farmhouse manned by a woman, her young son and aging father, a self-professed "Goblin killer" from a conflict long past. The  
Pirates are not at rest however and force the party's hand when Edmond learns through his last undead minion, a cockatrice, that an ambush is being established and the cannons are being readied to fire on the house.

Battered, bloody and barely alive, the party attacks.

The final conflict is hard fought with the party charging entrenched goblins armed with blunderbusses and hand bombs. Thought the party is almost killed their resolve, skill and daring sees them win the day, capped when Edmond fires a single perfect (nat 20) fire bolt ino the ammunition stores of the Goblin cannon crew.

In the end, with the Goblins defeated, the party is able to free the townspeople from the basement of the church next to where one of the pirate vessels (like this but with large sails above it) is moored . With a little under an hour to go until the train leaves and the knowledge that there are forces that are at least after the Abeduls.


1000 ea for the two games
400 ea for roleplay 
400 ea for killing 32 Goblins
525 ea for killing 3 Hobgoblin Captains
200 ea for killing 8 Cockatrices
700 ea for killing 4 Bugbear Chieftains
TOTAL: 3,225 ea

Treasure (presuming the non blown up goblin bodies were searched)
413 cp
152 sp
83 gp
One green cat-eye gem – worth 240 gp
One string of pearls – worth 300 pg
One gold ring with a black diamond inlaid with sapphires – worth undetermined
Magic: Three Goblin pirate captain masks of fear
Magic: One +1 cutlass (jagged and cruel looking – goblin make)
Magic: One +2 dagger (nearly weightless – elvish make)

Eight salvageable Goblin blunderbusses
4 salvageable flintlock pistols with 21 shots to spare (only fit these pistols)
One 30 lb ship cannon
Two barrels of gunpowder
Piles of pirate clothing
Ships stores (TBD)


S2E3: Confined Spaces

In which the party boards an train, meets a Spaniard, and dispenses with a number of ruffians.

The Copper Tube Line is the exclusive property of the Gnomekind Tinkerage, a Feywild mirror kingdom with significant outposts in it’s mortal side counterpart, Switzerland. It is the fastest means of land travel in the mortal world and, as such is exclusive and expensive. The party has secured tickets on the 4:13AM train and Colonel Eckhardt wakes them at 2:00 and offers them a number of ways to travel, they choose a stately coach and four.

Arriving at the train depot (a stop along a residential street) Malagar sees a group of what appear to be monks moving slowly down the street along with a hurried merchant, his wife and daughter who rush past the party and nearly the whole of the Brovast militia lead by the half-orc Prussian agent Bolg. The latter group is lying in wait though not, it seems, for the adventurers. This does not stop Bolg from ordering an attack on the party when he sees his brother’s killer and even going so far as to reveal the presence of the fire giant in their midst.

The party manages to escape the militia and the giant and Bolg, having attacked (and damaged) the Gnomish train is hit by a volley of rifle fire from gnomish guns and thrown onto the train, near death, by Olivander. Later he will be thrown off the train (while en route) by the gnomes at the behest of Edmond and Olivander.

The train’s itinerary has the party on day long trip to Laipzig where they will take on water (for 8 hours) then pass through, but not stop at, the township of Kassel then stop at customs on the Prussian border then a 2 hour stop at Cologne to take on food and more water then across the border again to the final destination in Brussels. While en route, Ylmatera takes up a conversation with the Monk-like figure of Mataô Abedul. He lets the party know that hs has recently escaped escaped from Constantinople as it was being attacked by rebels and legions of mechanical creatures. The attack itself was preceded by a maddening, omnipresent, irregular drum beat.

Mateo carries a papyrus box that contains a cutting of a perfect grape vine from the Ottoman Empire. He is traveling to his home in Spain and imparts to the Eldarin the importance of his reaching his homeland with the cutting intact.

Ylmatera agrees and when they stop at their first layover at Laipzig the party takes every precaution to ensure a it’s safety as they exit the train, travel through a town market and take up rooms at the Sprungender Knurrera local inn. There the party is attacked by goblin pirates who drive the party from their rooms and ambush them in the halls. The adventurers make short work of them though, in the process, the party is separated, the Goblin’s leader escaped and part of the building is set on fire.

Outside the once crowded streets are nearly deserted, the last few market goers fleeing as  the goblin hoard makes itself known and prepares for the siege. In the throngs of well entranched assailants can be seen multiple Hobgoblin Captains several Bugbears and a number of curious, extendable brass cylinders pointed at the inn. 

Additional info (gnome facts)

  • Gnomish trains run on proprietary steam/tube technology and are expandable
  • They have a way of avoiding oncoming trains
  • Gnomish guns shoot twice without reloading
  • Gnomes have little to no sense of humor

700 ea for the game
137 ea for killing 22 Goblins
175 ea for defeating the Hobgolblin
280 ea for assist in the defeat and likely death of Bolg.
TOTAL: 1,292 ea

4x copper train tickets worth 10cp in raw metal, far more on the collector's market.


S2E2: The middle passage

In which the party meets with an Archduke, a killer with a sweet tooth, books passage to the Netherlands and performs a skit in a children's park.

Recovering from the battle with the Fire giant, the party retreats to their place of residence only to find it closed up, sheets over the furniture an the windows boarded. All of their belongings have been expertly packed and the butler, with equal expertise, shows them the door.

The party then travels to where Malagar is to meet the Draw emissary in a small private club called The Pangolin. Here he meets Causette Lacienne who has murdered everyone who entered the club while she waited for Malagar to arrive. In a brief tête-à-tête she lets him know that the Sisterhood’s plans, though delayed by the party’s actions will go forward. Russia will fall and the world will go to war and open the way for the Sisterhood and their forces. 

She tells Malagar he is falling irreversibly under the sway of the artifact but there is still hope for salvation. She offers him a way back to himself — join the sisterhood. As an act of good faith, gives him a map to the location to a lost outpost of 
Vhaeraun in northern France that is about to fall, a place where, she claims he can still make a connection to his God.

Later the party has an audience with the Archduke who is seated at the end of a hall of mirrors  behind a small moat of water that runs across the floor. He is there with his court magician Otto, his captain of the guard Nicolai Eckhart, now a Colonel and his wife the Princess Sophie who, once again looks sickly and pale. He gives them permission to leave Prague on two conditions, they see his Magician safely to Paris and they find out “Why Prague was targeted”.

Additional highlights

  • The party has clothes for their audience with the Duke made by the Dwarf Ranata Fuentes, the proprietor of Olangands, a hight end tailor shop
  • Edmond books passage on the Gnomish express train from Winfred Engel a 78 year old travel agent 
  • The train will take them as far as Brussels where they will have to book alternate passage as there are no working train lines in France.
  • The party secures supplies for the journey


500 ea for the game
800 ea for some really nice roleplay
100 ea for the interlude at the playground
TOTAL: 1400 ea

S2E1: Circle of Pain

In which the party waits on a Duke, defeats a half orc, makes some appointments and eats some questionable bread.

Note: this encompasses the latter 5th of the first session (where we played the pre-gens) of the new season and the whole of session 2)

The has been living in Prague waiting on the audience with the Duke. Their declining fortunes are evident as Olivander is fighting for money in a bar called the Tick Tock tavern and establishment frequented by the nobility who bet on the fights that happen in the taverns great ventral ring. Here Olivander fights Holg who is assisted by his brother Bolg while Olivander in turn is assisted by (and bet on by) the party.

Though touch and go, the fight ends with Holg near death and the onlookers fleeing the obvious use of magic by Edmond and Ylmaterä. During the fight the exit, the party notice they were  observed by an emissary of the Sisterhood  and a fire giant in disguise, — an emissary of the House of Nylund. The Drow leaves leaves a note for Malagar to meet her along with similar summons from the Archduke and Madam Gerber.

Additional highlights:

  • Madam Gerber turns out to be a powerful practitioner of magic and, in some what attached to the Lord of the White tower. She offers aid in France at the white tower.
  • The party eats wet, fleshy bread cooked by Madam Gerber and gains vitality (XPS) from it.
  • The party is attacked at Madam Gerbers’ by the fire giant and Prussian soldiers lead by Holg and Bolg.
  • Holg is killed by Olivander and, from a distance his brother swears revenge.
  • The party decides to book passage to France by train.
  • The Gypsy information network is revealed and a note is delivered to Edmond from M.Holmes “Meet my agent Prof. Moriarty at N.Cathedral"


500 ea for the game
200 ea for good roleplay
400 ea for fighting/escaping the fire giant
100 ea for Prussian soldiers
350 ea for Holg
TOTAL: 1550ea

S2 prologue: The Fall of Locronan

Wherein we see an investigation force from the church of Rome, following a trail of lots and abandoned towns, approach the small hamlet of Locronan in Brittany where they find a gypsy camp who warns them not to enter the town. The warning unheeded they advance and find the populace all dead yet animated by swarms of unholy worms. The entire populace has been set to excavating a previously unseen white marble foundation under their church by the woman who will be popularized in song as the Crimson Lady and The Turbaned Queen

Only one of the investigative force remains who saw the event and could tell more of the tale. 

XPS (for the main characters)
500 ea for the game
300 ea for great roleplay
350 ea for the combat
TOTAL: 1150 each. 

INTERLUDE: In Another World

Sympathy, a Shadowrun short story


King's Doughnuts is an all-hours doughnut shop with a full liquor license. That alone would make it a place of note but add to that fact that it is situated in the middle of a haunted junkyard where strange people gather and strange things happen on a regular basis and you have a local legend. 

Those who know the street know King’s is a safe zone, a place where local freelance police look for work mixing in with factions of all kinds both legal and illegal and no one seems to say boo about it. For those that know magic, Kings is situated at the crossroads of two very active ley lines and the less that balance is interfered with the better.

As such the local government, law enforcement and even the gangs give Kings owner and main bartender The Chancellor a wide berth even though he has manifested no martial or magical ability beyond an uncanny ability to know someone favorite doughnut and when they need it adorned with his (literally) patented ChromaSprinkles™.

The players had gathered at this iconic setting (at 2AM) for various reasons.

  • “Casper” had been called by his “Mr. Johnson” Vicky O’Malley
  • “Sparky”, also called by the same “Mr. Johnson”, just happened to be there escorting his friend and connection “Reza”
  • “Reza” was there to meet his connection Shouts at the Sun – a tribal leader who arrived personally, without the stash, to tell deliver an enigmatic warning to “watch his back” from his Shaman.
  • “Cutter”, who knows The Chancellor well, was there seeking work.

While the Shadowrunners are gathering at Kings for different reasons, a car is pulled from the waters of Lake Washington, a car filled with the bodies of six Orks, all young, all gang members and all missing their hearts. Sam “The Sham” has been tied to the team of beat cops investigating the murders which were discovered mere yards away from Kings, at the same time the other players are gathering.

At King's, Vicky O’Malley is gathering a group of Shadwrunners for a hyper quick run (with the money to match). The players are drawn into the scheme including Sam who substitutes for Neil Tyrel who Vicky originally called. The gig is explained as a simple B&E breaking into a “Local Government” facility on behalf of a client who’s name is Roger Bacon. 

Having accepted the job which included a ¥10,000 fee up front (just for listening) and ¥80,000 for completion the party uses it’s contacts to gather materials, a ride and lightly investigate Roger Bacon. The latter turns out to be a former VP of research for Stoner Ares Weapon Systems and also a mage with a particular genius for sympathetic magic, Roger was also caught in the middle of a four-way, sustained firefight in a parking lot between a group of shadow runners, Lone Star, a gang and Ares Security. The fight lasted seven minutes and cost him the lives of his wife and his young son whom he failed to protect.

After that he disappeared from the public eye, re-emerging recently in Seattle where his sister lives in Capital Hill. Roger settled in the Barrens – a decidedly unlikely place for a human (non-ork) to pick to live.

While the players secure, a ride and some information, Reza travels down to help the investigation. His astral projection reveals the ghosts of the 6 Orks, floating 100 yards off shore above where the car was found. Further astral-investigation reveals what looks like magically impregnated wood in the wounds of the victims.

At the same time the other player’s contacts confirm that the dead Orks are members of the Coffin Chasers – an all-Ork gang out of the Barrens, the same area where they are to meet their contact. The party sets off and, after a brief interaction with the 405 Hellhounds, enter the section of the Barrens known as The Cave – a neighborhood that is 94% Ork and controlled/protected by the 'Chasers. 

It takes almost no time for the combat van full of Humans to attract the attention of the gang and here the players almost fall afoul of the very jumpy CC gangers, Pretty Boy, Johny Sausage and FUBAR a monstrous cyber-enhanced Sasquatch. Some quick talking gives the players a chance to meet 4Stroke, n older grizzled Ork who is the leader, and potentially, progenitor of some if not most of the ‘Chasers.

Calmer heads prevail and he agrees to give the players passage to see Roger Bacon on two conditions 1) they help him investigate the murders of his men (a plot the players already seem embroiled in) and 2) no harm comes to Roger Bacon who seems to be helping the local Ork populace and is, perhaps the one Human the Chasers trust. 4Stroke’s calm-headedness is only in contrast to the hot-headedness of his rank and file as anyone with an ounce of street knowledge knows his reputation for pure, remorseless menace is well earned.

Passing by the impromptu check point, the players take their van down the street ending in a peculiar brownstone. The narrow, 3-story building has been separated from the other densely packed buildings by having had it’s closet neighbors demolished, leaving just enough room for the six foliage-overgrown pillars that surround it. The early December air is wet and bitterly cold but the air around the house and the clear area is oppressively hot and sticky — like a tropical green house gone amok. The exterior of the house itself is completely overgrown just like the pillars and a quick check by Reza in astral space confirms Sparky’s suspicions, the house sits on the nexus point of three active ley lines.

Still, the light from the windows and doors is warm and inviting and, when Casper knocks on the door, the players are welcomed cheerfully by a small boy made of wood who introduces himself as Andy and by an equally cheerful (adult) voice further in the house who invites them in.



As Andy welcomes the runners in the narrow hallway they step into is charming if oppressively warm. From floor to ceiling are books, papers, knick knacks and plants, some of whom the runners can see come from dozens of pots and others who’s origins are more mysterious, tendrils vines snaking from the other rooms. The air is thick with insects and as the players brush aside butterflies, moths and dragonflies, the sounds of crickets is ever present and, not altogether unpleasant.

As Andy leads them down the hall, other “Andy’s” can be seen, when the first Andy takes a turn into room another Any takes his place emerging from a side door and continuing the sentence mid-stream as if they were a single creature. The runners emerge into a small sitting room where Roger Bacon, who sits next to past a stack of thaumaturgy books (standard magician tomes) that are particularly overgrown and long since used, greets them warmly. Reza notices that, likewise, the books on the shelves are magician’s tomes in the same state of disrepair. It is unlikely that Roger has performed any traditional magic in years.

Roger himself is an affable man in his late 40s’. He is friendly toward the players and asks Andy to fetch the party some refreshments which he does cheerily. As Andy returns with lemonades Roger explains his plot and the players part in it. As the runners have been able to discover Roger, a genius in sympathetic magic and former VP for Ares, and his family were caught in a fire fight where Roger’s magic was unable to protect his wife and son from the relentless, indiscriminate gunfire of the combatants. 

Relocating to Seattle to “start fresh with Andy”, Roger tells the players he is seeking revenge against his former friend and partner Alexander Wolfe, EVP of weapons development for Ares technology — he blames Wolfe for the violent death of his wife and, in payment, seeks to embarrass him by stealing three of his prized possessions: 

  • A painting entitled “The Death of General Wolfe” depicting one of Wolfe’s ancestors
  • The head of a 10th century Chinese “fire lance” which is heralded as the worlds first true gun and 
  • The SAWS Hachiman IV powered armor a pet project concept developed by Stoner Ares to combine razor’s edge physical augmentation, protection and versatility. For the latter, the helmet contains the full technical specs and is all Edward requires the players to steal.

Bacon lets the party know that the items are currently on display in the Arts of War exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum in fact, the entire collection of paintings, and artifacts around warfare both ancient and modern is owned by Wolfe and protected by the Ghost Matrix, a security system that, the party later learns is a mixture of tech and magic, a way to “project” ghosts into specific areas at specific times. The party has been able to at least roughly map out these areas.

The runners need only bring the items to Bacon before the next night ends to fulfill the contract. Just before the party leaves Sparky offers his condolences on the loss of Bacon’s wife and son. While the mage thanks him for his kind words on his wife he is completely confused by the notion that his son was lost in the onslaught. Andy shows the party out and, as they drive away they see there is an Andy in every window of the old brownstone. 

Though a day of research and infiltration, including some light kidnapping of a security guard and the less than light stabbing of a temp receptionist, the party is ready to act. The museum is closing, the ghosts are coming on line and the party is in place with Casper jacked into the net and and physically in the unemployment agency above the museum, Cutter impersonating a guard and Reza and Sparky waiting in a side alley to enter and Edward Bacon waiting for the items to be delivered to him at his brownstone.


The museum closes, the lights go down and the ghosts come on line. Outside the museum the streets are crowded for a parade celebrating the anniversary of the ghost dance which took place on this very night. Inside the museum, a single guard patrols with Cutter who is pretending to be a replacement guard for the one the party kidnapped and left incapacitated in his underwater apartment building.

While Cutters performance is well scripted, his delivery lacks nuance and it isn’t long before the guard realizes the deception. Rather than sound the alarm the M.A.L. (Minimal Assault Logistical) Cop – The lowest paid run in the Lonestar Security Hierarchy merely begs for his life and plausible deniability. Between Cutters intimidation of the quickly departing guard and Casper’s hacking the primary security of the Seattle Art museum, from drones to door locks is soon under the party’s control, leaving only the Ghost Matrix.

While Cutter lets the rest of the party into the museum, Casper is in the net where each node is represented as a floating platform room room housed by icons of art history. The party moves to the second floor where the Arts of War exhibit is housed guarded by the ghosts of long dead soldiers.

Room by room the party the Shadowrunners search for the artifacts they have come to steal aided by stealth, caution and the magical sight of Reza who has discovered that the ghost projectors are only focusing the spectral energy, that each spirit is actually tied to this world by a single magical rune disk attached to objects from the ghosts past. Removing this hockey puck sized magical objects breaks the connection and the ghosts fail to appear.

Thus it is that the party makes it through the exhibit unharmed, having gathered all but the last object– the helmet of the Hachiman armor, on display at the back of the exhibit hall. It looked like smooth sailing until, the armor itself activated and, without a pilot attacked the group. 

The armor jet packed into the high ceiling in the hall and let loose a flurry of bullets from it’s Ares asset rifle, knocking Reza out of the fight in a single volley. Meanwhile, in the net, Casper had found out that Alexander Wolfe himself was online and connected to the exhibits servers. With some skillful decking Casper managed to ghost himself into Wolfe’s systems and there learn that, unlike they were told by their employer himself, Roger Bacon was not seeking revenge. In fact he held no ill will toward his former boss at Ares, and forgave him fully for the death of his family — instead feeling it was the weapons themselves the were to blame. After learning this information, the Runners, with a bit of help from Casper who had infiltrated the suit’s systems manage to deactivate the Hachiman IV helmet and escape to their waiting get away van.

Driving to the barrens they see scenes of a neighborhood in terror. Doors and windows barred and locked, no one in the streets save  the bodies of of the Coffin Chasers gang. All lay dead, their hearts ripped out of their chests. In the distance light pours into the sky from the the ley line nexus that is Roger Bacon’s house and, as they approach, Sparky is forced to use the windshield wipers to clear the thick cloud of insects that surround the house. Once at the door the Runners are greeted by a host of Andys, all moving independently, all finishing each other’s thoughts and sentences. Many of them quite new, the wood of their constructions still wet and raw.

Inside Roger Bacon has knocked down many walls to make way for a ritual. As the players enter the night is reaching it’s zenith — the same night of the Ghost Dance that changed the history of the world. Inside Roger Bacon, bedraggled, worn, mad with sorrow and pain, manic with laughter, cheerfully accepts the artifacts and casts them all aside all save one, his true goal, the Chinese fire lance — the world’s first gun — the object that originated and defined all firearms after it. As the party tries to leave, the Andys insists that they stay. They love their father and would have an audience for his triumph. Roger, an artist in sympathetic magic, a genius in linking a physical anchor to a magical effect explains his plan. He will use the power of this night, of the ley lines in this place, of the obvious (at least to Reza) Insect spirits that have granted him their shamanic power, that he will use all that, the world’s first gun and his own ancestral ties to the first known maker of modern gunpowder, to quite simply end all firearms, to cast a great work that will keep all guns from functioning– forever.

The party had a choice to make — stand by and see the end of all guns or stop Roger, and a growing mass of insect spirits from completing their own ghost dance. 

The fight is brief.

Though the Andy’s swarm the Shadowrunners iin their dozens, they need only put down a single unarmed and unarmored wizard. Reza sets the room (and the Andy’s) on fire and, as Cutter and Casper clear a path Sparky takes a single shot. Roger Bacon, still casting his spell, oblivious to the flames that were already consuming him, falls.

Though the Shaman dies and the spell fails, the Andy’s do not. They stop fighting and silently gather around their father. As the party leaves, the last of the Andy’s silently enter the burning house and close the blinds. The Runners drive away.


S1E16: Hunter's end

In which the party confronts the Vampire Mina Jaeger, her thrall the baron, attempts to save an Archduke and prevent a world war orchestrated by the Sisterhood. 

As the mists continue to swirl, the Raven and Malagar square off against the Baron Jaeger, his teeth bared and his movements like flashes of lighting in and out of the mists.

Meanwhile, in the Dukes luxurious field tent, Olivander, witnesses the Archduke’s wife, the Princess Sophie of Bavaria in her death throes, sick and pale seemingly from disease — but the players know better as she is attended by one of the Baroness’ handmaidens, a vampire thrall , whom the party had destroyed in an alternate past.

Meanwhile, Alphonse is in a battle of wills with the Baroness herself. In her thrall, his natural gnomish evasiveness proves an apt foil as she questions him but gains  no direct answers to her questions. This buys the rest of the party valuable time but leaves the Baroness increasingly frustrated. In her anger she resorts to more base methods drawing what first appears to be a sword but in reality is a gigantic set of ornate scissors that, on their own, appear to seek out Alphonses’ neck.

Meanwhile Edmond and Ylmaterä have also moved into camp, stealthily moving between tents and advancing on the forces of the house of Jaeger.

Meanwhile, the plague tents begin to erupt in flames – the work of Philipe attempting to set the should infected to rest.

In the mists outside the camp the combined efforts of Malagars enchanted sword and Raven’s other-worldly magic prove to be more than a match for the Baron. He is destroyed in a short, vicious series of volleys.

At the same time  Olivander squares off against the remaining vampire thrall and defeats her — the truth of the situation rouses the Dukes fury and he calls his men to arms. 

With her deception at an and, the Baroness  Baroness emerges prepared for war summoning the men at arms from her own house as well as the dead that have not succumbed to the purifying flames. In addition to the dead and the living, far off can be heard the howling of wolves.

The Duke, Olivander and Alphonse, now free of the distracted Mina’s influence, rally the loyalist troops while Ylmaterä sets fire to the Jaeger tents, distracting the forces of the living and Edmond confronts the Baroness herself, calling the artifact to him in an attempt too wrestle control of the undead from their mistress. As she feels her control slipping from the undead, Mina turns her attention on Edmond and he falls under her spell. She bids him command her forces against his own allies and the battle begins in Ernest.

The combat is hard fought and though the League has the advantage of sunlight and Raven’s spells keep the vampire from regenerating still the outcome is never certain. During the battle Edmond is at last freed from the vampires forces, free to use the artifact’s full power against her. The martialed forces of the living fight the dead to a standstill buying the party just enough time to bring the battle straight to the Baroness.

In the end with dire wolves in their dozen just entering the fray the party at last manages to put the vampire on the run and with a wild gambit by Ylamterä that quite nearly costs him his life, they hold the vampire and, at last, bring her low.

The undead collapse, the wolves retreat and, though the soldiers of the house of Jaeger throw down their weapons and surrender, they are slaughtered by a vengeful Duke who orders his men to fire on them where they stand.

The mists depart and the battle is, at last, ended, war is averted and a begrudgingly grateful Duke offers the party safe haven in Prague and medallions bearing his seal.

Game itself: 500 ea
Mina Jaeger: 2,900 ea
The baron Jaeger: 360 ea
Vampire thrall: 360 ea

Wolves: 100 ea
Zombies/Skeletons: 100 ea
House Jaeger’s Men at arms: 75 ea

Total: 4395 ea.


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